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I decided to study at Cairns Central School because I heard a lot of good stories about it, so I thought: “why not?” I am studying for Academic Semester for 20 weeks in Cairns, and then I’m also going to Sydney to finish my semester there. It’s great in Cairns, the atmosphere is so good. Everyone has been lovely, and we are one happy family doing lots of activities! School staff has been so helpful, just great! They even supported me to go so the CAE course, they gave me confidence, and that was good. They will push you in the right direction. The best thing about the teachers and the teaching method is that we do things together and discuss things together in class. It is just so much fun because you get to understand difficult vocabulary so much better. It just gets more personal and makes you think in a different way.

My English has dramatically improved so much! Apart from that I can’t speak or think in Dutch anymore (it goes so quick!) It has just improved and it is so great to use idioms and new vocabulary. It makes conversations a lot more interesting and you put yourself into situations which I thought I would never be able to handle. But it gives me more confidence, now I know how to use the vocabulary.

Regarding the school’s activities, I just love to play squash. Annette is perfect in organising activities. We are never bored, because there is always something to do! So much fun!!! My accommodation is close to the school, clean, there are friendly people and I still have enough privacy.

The best thing about studying with students from around the world is that everyone has different cultures and languages, but it is great that everyone respects each other so much.

The clear and logical teaching method helps me to understand and remember the lessons. I feel that my English has improved and I hope that this will help me to pass my university entrance exam.

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