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Natalia Shapovalova

studied with us:

Intensive English in Cambridge, July 2012

Intensive English in Cambridge, November 2012

Intensive English in Cambridge, February 2013

I adore Britannia Study Centres! That is why I am coming to England 3 times a year! Cambridge – is my favorite city! Everything with Britannia Study Centres is megasuper, starting from the quality tuition and accommodation, excellent service, ending with impeccable professionalism of this company.

I recommend to everybody to learn English with Britannia Study Centres!

Victoria Vantrusova

studied with us:

Intensive English in Cambridge, July 2012

Hello! My name is Victoria. I studied Intensive English in Cambridge. The booking process went very smoothly and within several days I received visa letters to my office. I also went for visa service with Britannia, which I recommend to all students. Britannia Study Centres has excellent reputation with Embassies and I received visa in 2 weeks in "high season".

In my opinion, Britannia Study Centres – is a unique company, which is second to none on today's educational market! Professionalism, personal approach, perfection – these are characteristics of this company!

I spent 4 wonderful weeks in Cambridge! During this month I learnt much more than during years of language courses in native Russia. At the end of the course I gained light English accent, and I am very proud of it!

I lived with a homestay family. Greg and Iolanta were very friendly and hospital. We joked, laughed and talked a lot, and I was very sorry to leave. During my studies I also managed to travel within the UK. This country is absolutely gorgeous, every city is a jewel and so different from one another

I had a wonderful time in Cambridge during which I learned English, travelled and had a great holiday!

Nikolay Perminov, Russia

studied with us:

Cambridge Exam Preparation in London, Sept 2012
Intensive IELTS Exam Preparation in Oxford, Jan 2013
Intensive English in Singapore, Mar 2013
General English in Melbourne, April 2013

Hello! My name is Nikolay. I studied with Britannia Study Centres in London for 3.5 months, and it was the most unforgettable time of my life! Britannia Study Centres organised everything at the highest level!

At the airport I was met by a company's representative and was put in a comfortable taxi. It all happened very quickly - was not expecting it really! Half an hour later I was with my host family. Before coming to London, I was very worried about what would be my host family like?! But all my doubts were unreasonable. I lived 15 minutes away from the center of London! The journey from home to school was very enjoyable! My host mom, Kelly, was very friendly and cooked tasty & nutritious meals each day!

My school was located in the heart of London! My school was very contemporary, equipped with the latest technology which made my studies effortless and exciting! Teachers are very positive, cheerful and present even the most complex topics, as a game, which facilitates learning! My language course was divided into two parts: General English Language Course and Cambridge Exam Preparation. I chose the first two weeks of General English to adapt to a new country and environment. General English covers all aspects of language (speaking, grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing and reading). After that I started my preparation for Cambridge exams. Every two weeks we were doing tests and mock exams, which certainly made completion of the real Cambridge exam a piece of cake!

Location of Britannia Study Centres' head office in London - is another huge plus for the students! If you have any questions or queries, you can always call and get detailed advice and help! Plus all the calls to the head office from the SIM card provided by Britannia Study Centres, as a gift to its customers, are free! So, when booking with Britannia Study Centres - you are definitely in good hands!

I enjoyed studying with Britannia Study Centres so much that I have already booked a six weeks course of intensive IELTS exam preparation in Oxford! And in summer, I'm going to study in the International Summer School at Cambridge University, also with Britannia Study Centres! On completion of this exciting course I will receive the Cambridge University Certificate, which will definitely enhance my chances in the future employment on International arena!

Anastasiia Rykova, Russia

studied with us:

Intensive English in London, Aug 2012

I would like to share my experience of studying with Britannia Study Centres. I booked a 2-week intensive course in London. During this time I learned more than I would ever do in my native country!

It was my first independent trip abroad. I was a bit worried at the beginning: which course to choose, how to pay, who will meet me in England, whether I will be cheated on etc. However all these worries became absolutely unreasonable as soon as I called to Britannia Study Centres! A lovely lady answered all my questions, advised what was best for me personally and afterwards we were in touch practically everyday. Britannia Study Centres arranged my trip so perfectly, that a complex process of coming to the UK seemed easy and enjoyable!

In Britannia Study Centres every step is thoroughly planned, starting from the outstanding visa service (which I booked, and was very pleased with it!), ending with a very interesting Welcome Pack, send to me before my departure to the UK, which spelled out all the necessary information for students: who and where will meet me, school's and accommodation addresses, tips on how to get to school, 24-hour emergency numbers (but, of course, with Britannia Study Centres there will never be any emergencies!) and much more! So, the whole process of working with Britannia Study Centres was held at the highest level! In fact, Britannia Study Centres always does everything professionally and flawlessly!

My school was located in the heart of London, on Bond Street, I was so happy with it! Famous sights, shops, cafes, restaurants – all surround this award winning school! After classes my friends and I were visiting exhibitions, museums, parks and simply were enjoying the beauty of this amazing city!

It should be noted that Britannia Study Centres' schools - is the place where you want to go back again and again! The classes were very varied and interesting, and the teachers smiling and cheerful. The food in the canteen was delicious and very affordable. However it is hard to call it a canteen, it is more like a luxurious restaurant for students. I'd love the Moscow Universities to see standards of Britannia Study Centres Schools, for Russian Universities to improve their student's conditions!

I lived in a student house. My house was very comfortable and cozy, we had 5 students (boys and girls) - the whole world in one house! My neighbors were from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and France! Our bedrooms were conveniently located on the two floors of the house. The house was very tidy and welcoming. Nobody was limiting each other's personal space, everybody had its own room and the keys. When feeling social, we were chatting in the lovely house hall, which is a great language practice as well!

I also think that a lot of prospective students are interested whether it is easy to make friends and how to organize your leisure. Personally, I got to know everybody from my class on my first day. Every day afterwards I was trying to get to know more people from other classes and by the end of the week I knew everybody! We had so much fun together! We were going to pubs, clubs, parks, sightseeing and, of course, remarkable London shopping! Britannia Study Centres also was offering a varied and exciting programme of excursions and activities, which we fully took an advantage of!

On my return to Moscow I totally did not want to speak Russian! It seemed that communication in English is so much easier! This is one of the proofs that quality of education with Britannia Study Centres is second to none! Your language skills improve so naturally and effortlessly!

I really miss my classmates! We became such a great multinational family! We keep in touch and planning to meet next year!

I recommend Britannia Study Centres to every prospective student! Do not hesitate! Just go for the best experience of your life!

I hope my story will help someone in the selection!

Ksenia Samozhena

studied with us:

English language course at Ardingly College, July 2013

I would like to share my experience of studying with Britannia Study Centres ! I have heard and read a lot about this beautiful country, so when my parents offered me to go for 3 weeks to learn English - I could not be happier!

Straight on arrival to college I was stroked by a magnificent period building and vast and picturesque college's territory. After registration I was allocated to clean and cosy room. Every minute of my stay was planned, so we did not have time to get bored! Every morning we had English classes filled with fun and play, which made our learning easier and more pleasant.

During my stay at college I hugely improved my English, more than I would ever do in Russia. I learned something new every day – new grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation rules etc. We talked a lot and discussed interesting topics. After such intensive course my English exam at school will be a piece of cake! The activities offered by college were also great! I made friends with a lot of students from different countries. The atmosphere at college is very friendly and pleasant.

Several times a week we were taken on excursions. We visited wonderful Brighton and magnificent London! During the excursions we were introduced to English culture and history. England is such a place that however long you stay here, it will not be enough! That is why I am very sorry to leave.

I would like to say a big thank you to Britannia Study Centres for organizing such a great holiday for me! I not only improved my English but also made wonderful friends and have plenty of life long memories! See you at Britannia Study Centres next year!

Anna Samozhena

studied with us:

English language course at Ardingly College, July 2013

Good afternoon! I would like to share my experience of cooperation with Britannia Study Centres. I had a lot of questions while planning my sister's studies in the UK. Which documents are necessary for the visa? Which college is the best? Where my sister will be living? What are the teaching methods? And many more! I was panicking about the whole process of applying for UK Student visa. However Britannia Study Centres organized everything so smoothly and quickly that we had 6 month multi-entrance visas in 2 weeks time!

We were very impressed with the service of Britannia. On arrival there was already a representative waiting for us, to whom I "handed" in my sister. Very soon afterwards my sister called my saying that she had successfully settled and already made friends with students from other countries. I was coming to college several times to see my sister. Vast and picturesque territory, friendly personnel, children from different countries – incredible atmosphere, which I simply loved!

I would like to express my gratitude to Britannia Study Centres for excellent organization of studies and vacation for my sister!

Vladimir Korzh

studied with us:

English language course at Junior Riviera School, July 2013

I would like to express my gratitude to Britannia Study Centres for organizing my educational trip. During my studies in the UK I felt confident, and most importantly that I am not alone in the foreign country (Britannia has an office in London). I enjoyed very much studying at Junior Riviera School. The school offers an intensive language course, varied excursion programme and also an opportunity to practice English language not only with native speakers but also with students from different countries. I made a lot of friends with students from all over the World. Also I would like to thank our school supervisors. They were absolutely great! My homestay family was very nice and I enjoyed living with them a lot. All was superb!

Pavel Korzh

Manager, OJSC Severstal

Big thank you to Britannia Study Centres for organizing a wonderful trip for my son Vladimir! I enjoyed very much working with you. Whole organization process went on a highest level, top notch service, excellent timings! I recommend Britannia Study Centres to all my friends and will definitely come back next year!

Sergey Zaitsev

studied with us:

General English in Malta, September 2012

Hello! My name is Sergey. Let me start my story with the following – there a plenty of firms in Russia which offer English courses in Malta. However, in my opinion, Britannia Study Centres offer the most quality courses at a very affordable price. I have been studying for 3 weeks in Malta. Britannia Study Centres made the whole booking process very easy and quick starting from my enrolment on the course and language testing ending with a successful visa receival and homestay family choice. During whole process all my requirements were considered: beginning with diet and age requirements ending with my plan of excursion programme. Britannia Study Centres takes care of its students even after their arrival to the country of their destination. We frequently talked with my educational manager at Britannia. I was always given full consultation and answers on all my questions.

What distinguishes Britannia from other companies? Primarily, professionalism, high quality English language courses, dedication, excellent attitude to its students and second to none service!

In my school there were a lot of European students who spoke very good English, what obviously stimulated me to study harder! Tutors were simply superb! All topics were delivered in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with the use of a state of art equipment which made whole learning process easy. After the lessons we were offered a varied and interesting programme of excursions. I literally visited all excursions in Malta and a wonderful island of Sicily!

I recommend to everybody to learn English in Malta with Britannia Study Centres! You will get high quality tuition, comfortable accommodation, world class service, loads of unforgettable memories and everything at a very good price!

Roza Naranova, Russia

studied with us:

General English in London, Sept 2012

Dear Britannia Study Centres, I would like to express a big gratitude for your professionalism, quality and individual approach to your clients, and highly qualified visa service. And particular thank you I would like to express to your lovely representative and a great person Aygul. I felt her support from the moment I decided to visit this wonderful country and the most beautiful city in the world, which is London. It was my first experience of going abroad and receiving a serious visa – British visa.

Managers of Britannia Study Centres were giving me very smart and free consultations on every step I was making, bearing in mind that my situation was not straight forward. I loved absolutely everything!

Firstly, my host mother, Mary, was simply excellent. By housing me there you proved one more time what great professionals you are. I felt very comfortable with my host family, regardless of the fact that I practically did not speak English and my host family did not speak Russian. They were so hospitable and understanding that we did not have any problems with communication.

Secondly, the school was absolutely lovely. From day one I felt that I joined a big international and kind family. At Britannia Study Centres everything was thought through to the smallest detail. Lessons were held in airy rooms, teachers were very attentive, groups were smartly formed and the service at reception was a cherry on the cake. The activity programme was very entertaining and was focussed on improving the English language. For example you could go to the cinema or attend a tea party. It means that you improve your English every minute in a comfortable environment.

Thirdly, I loved London! London is the world capital with a great architecture and rich history. No matter how long you're going to be in London, it will never be enough.

All in all, I had a great time! Again I would like to prise the team of Britannia Study Centres and especially Aygul for smart and individual approach to their clients. You hear the needs of the clients, you analyse the situation and give a quality service, something which you cannot find in many companies nowadays. All my needs were satisfied on 100% and even more. You cannot put a price on the support and advice you give; and you were always providing it to me for free and with joy! It's a real pleasure to work with you and I would like to express a huge THANK YOU and I will be always studying and travelling with you only and will be recommending your company to all my colleagues, friends, relatives and other good people.

Wish you good luck, prosperity and many great clients.............

Tatiana Iakovleva, Russia

studied with us:

Intensive Business English and Intensive IELTS Exam Preparation in Oxford, Jan 2013
MSc in Finance + CIMA, London School of Business and Finance, Sept 2013

I would like to share my experience of studying with a British Company, Britannia Study Centres. For a long time I couldn't find a company with whom I would like to study, because it is hard to understand whether you've made the right choice until it's already done.

Obviously, a lot of local companies were eager to help me. I wanted to learn English so much that I was ready to accept everything they were promising, even though I suspected that their promises were not based on reality. All this lasted until one life changing moment... In the middle of the night when surfing the internet I came across Britannia Study Centres' website and it immediately became clear that this was what I've been looking for! The website was very informative, with loads of videos and photos, and after analysis of the information I concluded that Britannia Study Centres was the best for me. Looking at this from where I am now, I realise that I have made the best choice of my life!

From the very beginning the managers of the company were very supportive and helped me to select the best course, choosing between the length, direction of studies, location and type of accommodation. They even considered my temperament, character and previous experience!

As a Russian citizen I needed to receive a visa to study in the UK, and in this department Britannia Study Centres also excelled themselves. Their help was so highly professional and qualified that I received a multi-entrance, 6 month, visa in the shortest time. It meant a lot to me because I could extend my course or just travel in the UK after completion of the studies. At the end of the day I am extremely happy to have studied with Britannia Study Centres. I had an unforgettable time in Oxford, 4 magic English speaking months.

My host family was very hospitable, my room large and well furnished, meals were delicious and school was very focussed on providing the best results possible. I will remember my tutors for all my life, as they impressed me with their patience and their love for what they were doing.

A huge thank you to the representative of the company, Aygul – a very high professional and very understanding person. I will share with everybody my experience of studying with Britannia Study Centres, as I heard a lot about disappointing experiences with some companies and I would like people to be happy with their investment into education and seeing results of this investment.

Britannia Study Centres is a partner with many UK and worldwide universities. I have chosen to enrol with them on a 2-year Masters Course in Finance at London School of Business and Finance, which I'm due to start in September 2013.

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