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Brighton is one of the top seaside resorts in the United Kingdom. Attracting more than eight million tourists each year, many of whom are overseas. Brighton is a great city to study English in, with a lively atmosphere, countless tourist attractions, stunning landmarks and beautiful beaches.

When it comes to teaching English my theory is that personality, lots of energy and a bit of humour certainly count! Students have often asked me if I would consider a job on stage, but my reply is always: “But then I wouldn’t be able to fulfil YOUR lives with my supposed talent!

I can truly say that I love the rewarding feeling I get when I see that I have influenced someone’s life in such a positive way. Not to mention the fact that I can have a good time while doing so! It is an awesome place to work!

I have been teaching English for over eight years now, and thoroughly enjoy it, it's a bit of a cliché but you really do learn something yourself every day. Our School is a great place to study, being only minutes from the beach! And whether the sea is calm and the sky is clear and bright, or whether there's a rollicking old storm crashing about, there's nowhere more relaxing! It's my favorite place to be. Come rain or shine, you'll find me traipsing at least once a week along the shore, scavenging for bits of driftwood which I make into frames, blackboards and keyrings. There are a number of places selling my stuff, please buy it!

I'm a born and bred local, I love my town and Brighton always has lots going on, there are arts, food & drink, music events and mini festivals most weekends, especially during the summer months. But it is also very accessible for London, the South Downs and the rest of the country, though why anybody would want to leave Brighton is a mystery to me!

I chose to study in Brighton because of some suggestions from a friend of mine about the weather, people, lifestyle and sea. I love the sea that is why I am here. I chose this School because I had heard that the school takes care of the mix of people in each classroom and it is true. I’ve met people from Korea, Turkey, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and more places. What I enjoyed most about studying at the Brighton Central School of English were the people. All the staff are fantastic.

I have been in Brighton for two months and I am really enjoying the town. You can do many things. If you like shopping or going to pubs you have many choices. There are also many activities for tourism so you can visit many places linked to the English culture. Brighton has a very good way of life for young people.

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