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English for Aviation

Introduction to Aviation English
This course is designed for those, who would like to start a career in aviation industry, as pilots, air traffic controllers, engineers and other ground staff. The course combines General English with specialised English used in aviation industry. You will improve your writing, listening and speaking skills, as well as get knowledge of key aviation concepts and learn aviation terminology. Modules covered in the course include: aircraft construction; airport layouts; theory, phases and language of flights; meteorology, navigation, emergency situations, ICAO.

English for Pilots & Traffic Controllers
The course is intended for pilots and traffic controllers to help them meet the ICAO English language proficiency requirements. The course consists of the following 2 modules:
Offered in:
Wimborne School (UK)

Foundation Module, including General Aviation English
This course offers the aviation professionals a combination of General English with the lessons in Aviation English. The course is focused on improving of listening and speaking skills as well as on developing trainees' aviation vocabulary.

Level 4 Module, including English for the Working Aviation Environment
This course combines General English with intensive lessons in English for the working aviation environment, containing the R/T phraseology. The course is designed to improve trainees' communication skills; in particular their competence in pronunciation, structure, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and interaction, necessary for the ICAO proficiency. In order to achieve the best possible results, trainees are provided with effective learning materials and access to a modern multimedia learning centre.

Professional Training Course for Raters/Assessors
The course in designed to improve the skills of Aviation English teachers in accessing and rating the English language abilities of non-native-English speaking pilots, controllers and other aviation professionals, in accordance with the requirements set up by the Language Proficiency Requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The course is delivered in two parts. The first part focuses on understanding, analysis and interpretation of the ICAO Rating Scale requirements. The second part is devoted to developing teachers' skills in preparing and selecting relevant materials for use in an assessment test, and evaluating their effectiveness by conducting trial tests on other students.
Offered in:
Wimborne School (UK)

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