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 Teacher Reese Bottesini
Having grown up in international environments with friends from all over the world, I learned the importance of studying languages. Although I was born in Baltimore, my father’s job moved our family to England and Belgium. While in college, I expanded my exploration of the world by traveling, studying, and volunteering abroad in Peru and England. I discovered my passion for teaching English in Peru and decided to pursue a degree in T.E.S.O.L. While studying, I worked in different areas of ESL and spent time teaching students ranging from children to adults, high-level to illiterate. I also worked for Back Bay School in Boston at that time and I quickly realized the importance of unique, personalized attention to students when teaching foreign language. After completing my degree, I worked in Korea as a visiting English professor at a science and technology university. Korea was a fantastic opportunity that gave me the chance to see many new parts of the world and teach some incredibly dedicated students. After a year in Korea, I moved to Miami and was delighted to start working at Lincoln School. Although I am not originally from Miami, I already know that it is culturally and socially diverse and it truly has something for everyone. When I’m not teaching, I love to travel around Florida and beyond, and I’m always eager to hear about new places and potential future adventures from my students. The classroom is a fantastic place for learning opportunities for both me and the students; they teach me about their cultures as I teach them English. I’m always happiest when I’m interacting with students, helping them improve their English skills, and learning more about the world from their perspectives.
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