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 Felipe Oliva Buratto, Brazil (studied for Cambridge Exam Preparation (CPE))
Hello, The course I was going to take I knew, preparation for the Cambridge ESOL, so my main concern was about where to stay while I was there. I also had in mind what I wanted, which was a private bedroom with bathroom on a school residence, not at a homestay. Given my needs they helped me select which residence I would fit in best and I can say, based on my experience there later on that they were 100% correct. During the first week I had some adaptation issues. I never knew which way of the road to look before crossing the street! I was always looking to the left when I was supposed to be looking to the right! But that was it. From day one I liked the teachers and the methods applied. I am not a course book person, if I could I would spend all day long just talking and doing what would appear to be random exercises but as any course you have to follow a book to keep track of what you are doing. The teachers would follow the course book but mixing it up with random exercises, related to the subject at hand but of the books. That gave the classes a interesting touch, one how liked books could easily follow the book as a reference and those like me would not be bored. I went to the School with two objectives in mind. First and most important to pass the Cambridge exam and second to improve my Americanized accent forged by many hours of TV watching. The main reason for me to go was achieved; I passed the Cambridge exam with a security margin. The second part, well I guess I needed more time, I cannot say that nothing changed, because I did notice some changes, but three months are not enough to change a lifetime. If a friend asked me advice I would most certainly share my good times at Cambridge Central School of English and in Cambridge. Not only the course was amazing, but the city is a wonder. Parks full of life, the streets are extraordinary, as if they jumped out the pages of a book. The fact that I came from a very big city with not so much green or novel like streets made Cambridge an even more impressive city and furthermore not dull at all, there is plenty to do everywhere. Now with the CPE in hands I hope to find a better internship and finish my University here in Brazil. In the future I do plan to come back to England, this time to complete my doctorate.
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