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 Larissa Ponamareva, Russia
Hi, my name is Larissa. I am from Russia. I decided to go to London spontaneous.I work at a large international company. I need English for my job. Also I wanted to improve English for self-development and getting a life experience. It was the right decision to go to learn the language of the mother country of English! And Marylebone School of English is perfect place for this. I learned about it from a friend. She was there many years ago and she was very satisfied. There is incredibly positive people: faculty, staff and students. I was amazed at how easily and naturally to pass classes. The teachers are very energetic, active, interested and available know how to explain everything! The group consists of students from all over the world. Can you imagine a world in one class! I feel like I visited not only London but other cities around the world. It's incredibly interesting! I got a real pleasure. Study was easy going. Even though I arrived just for 2 weeks, it's perfect for improving English. Highly organized social life. Joint trips to parks, cinemas, pubs, discos, sightseeing! This was my first time in London, but not the last ! In memory remains a lot of impressions and pictures :) And one more thing - it's easy to make new friends in the school! And who knows, maybe next time we meet somewhere in another places around the world! Everything was very positive. I'm sorry that I came only for 2 weeks - this is a very short time!
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