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 Anna Karlsson, Sweden
Hi, my name is Anna, I'm from Sweden and I've been here for 2 month now and will stay another month. I like it very much here, there's always something to do and a lot of nice and interesting people from everywhere! I were a bit worried before I got here, that I wouldn't like my housemates or find anyone to hang out with but there's far easier then my expectations and there's such great people you meet here. I choosed London because I had been here once before and really found it a captivating city, not to mention the shopping and beautiful parks you can find. The school organizes a program of different social activities every week which helps you explore London's best places if you want to and meet other students. It even contains free alternatives like pub night every second week which use to be a real success. The school is also very good, I'm doing the preparation course for the Cambridge exam and the teachers are great. Except from teaching us English the give us this little insight in a natives life which is very estimated. I've also found a part time job in a bar to practice English in work and stretch out the student financial. Now there's only one month left here in London and it seems like you will never have enough time to do everything you want here but that's what makes London so cool. I'm sure I will come back to study more or find a job one day.
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