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Hi, I'm James and I'm Marylebone Centre Director in London. I've worked in the English language industry since 2001 as a teacher, as an administration manager and now as Centre Director.

I have taught in numerous schools and colleges in the UK and have taught in English schools in South Africa and Italy.

I have lots of responsibilities in my job but the most important one is to ensure all the students that come to London have the best possible experience.

When I'm not at work, you can usually find me playing and watching sports. I play cricket and football every week and also enjoy a game of rugby when my body can take it! I also like playing the guitar and travelling when I can. I hope to see you soon in London!

Hello - my name is Frances and I've been working here since July 2006. I am a true Londoner - I was born and grew up here and live in central London with my boyfriend. I've been teaching since the summer of 2004 and spent a year working in Costa Rica which was a fantastic experience.

In my free time I really like going to the gym. I love swimming, boxing, circuit training, pilates and I do lots of other keep fit classes, too. I like visiting London's great museums and galleries and walking in our beautiful parks. I also love socialising with my friends and eating out in our many fine restaurants.

See you at school!

I come to London because I think that London is an interesting city to learn English and live a magic experience. London has different tourist places and different activities for all people, no important the ages and the country. Here you can find different people from all world, and learn about the different cultures.

I chose this school because the facilities are nice, the people that work in this school are very friendly and professional, in this school you can learn very easy and quickly. The social programs are interesting because has different activities, sports, culture, shopping.....

I like London and my school here, I feel very good and how in my house. You need to come to London for the best experience in your life.

Hi, I'm Johan, I studied at Marylebone School of English for 8 weeks and London will stay an excellent memory! I'm French, I love my country, Paris it's magic, but London it's so dynamic!!! In London you could discover a lot of wonderful places. Camden market, Brick Lane Market, Greenwich village... And of course Big Ben, London Eye....

London it's really amazing, because, London city it's highly dynamic for example in Picadilly, you've a lot of Pubs, club as Tiger Tiger! London is also, interesting for the culture. Natural museum is so cool!

Moreover, London is really contemporary, but it's also very nice place for the nature, because in London you've a lot of wonderful parks! Hyde park it's the most famous, but St James park is my favourite! It's near the queen's house! Besides, in London you've a lot attraction like "el passage del horror". If you like scream movie, or if you like sensation, you should do this it's really cool.

At the end I want to say, London is a really wonderful place to learn English, have fun, make friends, and do a lot of memories!!

Hi, my name is Larissa. I am from Russia. I decided to go to London spontaneous.I work at a large international company. I need English for my job. Also I wanted to improve English for self-development and getting a life experience.

It was the right decision to go to learn the language of the mother country of English! And Marylebone School of English is perfect place for this. I learned about it from a friend. She was there many years ago and she was very satisfied. There is incredibly positive people: faculty, staff and students. I was amazed at how easily and naturally to pass classes. The teachers are very energetic, active, interested and available know how to explain everything!

The group consists of students from all over the world. Can you imagine a world in one class! I feel like I visited not only London but other cities around the world. It's incredibly interesting! I got a real pleasure. Study was easy going. Even though I arrived just for 2 weeks, it's perfect for improving English.

Highly organized social life. Joint trips to parks, cinemas, pubs, discos, sightseeing!
This was my first time in London, but not the last ! In memory remains a lot of impressions and pictures :) And one more thing - it's easy to make new friends in the school! And who knows, maybe next time we meet somewhere in another places around the world! Everything was very positive. I'm sorry that I came only for 2 weeks - this is a very short time!

Hi, my name is Carolina. I am studying in Marylebone School for 6 weeks, and my course lasts 24 weeks. My goal is to learn English as a personal accomplishment (because I love the language) and to get a better job in Brazil.

At the moment I'm doing 20 hours of General English and want to do business class to take the test BULATS. The course and the school are really amazing: you learn to speak, grammar and vocabulary at the same time, not just following a book, but doing different activities, and all subjects are correlated.

The life experience of living in London: many languages, cultures and peoples ... Mutual respect is unbelievable! The school offers a range of activities to explore the city, culture and interact with other students, which is really good!

I still have time to learn much more, but I highly recommend Marylebone School, and make interchange in London!

Hi, my name is Anna, I'm from Sweden and I've been here for 2 month now and will stay another month. I like it very much here, there's always something to do and a lot of nice and interesting people from everywhere! I were a bit worried before I got here, that I wouldn't like my housemates or find anyone to hang out with but there's far easier then my expectations and there's such great people you meet here.

I choosed London because I had been here once before and really found it a captivating city, not to mention the shopping and beautiful parks you can find. The school organizes a program of different social activities every week which helps you explore London's best places if you want to and meet other students. It even contains free alternatives like pub night every second week which use to be a real success.

The school is also very good, I'm doing the preparation course for the Cambridge exam and the teachers are great. Except from teaching us English the give us this little insight in a natives life which is very estimated. I've also found a part time job in a bar to practice English in work and stretch out the student financial.

Now there's only one month left here in London and it seems like you will never have enough time to do everything you want here but that's what makes London so cool. I'm sure I will come back to study more or find a job one day.

My experience in London is the best, that's why I'm so happy. This experience have given the opportunity to meet a lot people from other countries, it's really amazing, because you can know about the different cultures and change your perception about the world. And the most important your English can improve faster.

And about the school, I think is nice, the teachers are very professionals in their job and enjoy it. Also the staff is really nice, everybody is ready to help you. And my classmate are very beautiful people, they have the open mind and they are willing know about you and your country.

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