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I have worked with Holborn School since they opened their school in London. I love working with such an energetic, diverse team and particularly enjoy feeling that we have made a difference to so many students' lives from so many countries around the world.

London is a truly cosmopolitan city with free entertainment throughout the year. I am always amazed how much is going on and I really believe that what Dr. Samuel Johnson said (1709-1784) is true today – "When a man (or woman) is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."

I love working at Holborn School because of the diversity of the people: the students, the teachers, the staff, the suppliers, the agents.

Every day presents new challenges and I constantly find myself amazed by the solutions and innovations presented by any one of the people involved. It really is a team effort and we work together to make a difference and to be the best we can.

Happy students and teachers are what really make it for me and pride in my work and who I work with makes it feel less like work and more like an ever-evolving project aimed at helping people become the best they can; the best users of English, the best teachers, the best English language school.

Feeling part of that buzz, that professionalism, that common goal, makes working with Holborn School an Exceptional Career choice.


I visited different schools but I decided to study in Holborn School School because I think it is a very good School.

London is a beautiful City!!I like that it is very big and multicultural and I feel free to do all the things I like/want. I like my lessons and the possibility of choosing among a variety of Activities for the students. I like that in my class there are few students so the teacher can follow us almost individually.

I joined some Coffee and Conversation classes and I really enjoyed them. When I started my course I booked a Residence, after I found a private accommodation. My Residence was very newly refurbished and comfortable. Yes, why not, I really like Holborn School!! I might go to US next time.


I've been one week at Holborn School. And it has been great. London, like me, is historical, with interesting architecture and cultural differences. London has nice places like Greenwich. It’s easy to go somewhere else (Brighton, Oxford and Liverpool). You can see different places of Great Britain and famous places. I like parks in London. It’s so unusual for big cities especially for a metropolis.

There are highly professional staff working at Holborn School and they are also very open and friendly. That’s very important for people who come from other countries, especially if it’s the first time. I had only one week but it was very useful and helpful for me, particularly with my teacher and his approach to learning. Now I have a very good base to develop and improve my Business English. I am not disappointed that I chose Holborn School. I’d come to Holborn School, but maybe it will be another place, because I’d also like to visit other more interesting places.

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