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UK School Accreditations

British Council

British Council's accreditation is an internationally recognised symbol of quality that demonstrates that a school offers the best educational services to its students. British Council is an accreditation agency, part of the Accreditation UK scheme, scrutinising quality and standards of education in establishments teaching English language to international students. Studying with providers accredited by British Council guarantees the highest level of education and excellent service in all areas.

English UK

English UK is the World's leading language teaching association. Each of more than 450 member centres has passed 119 inspection criteria in teaching and learning, management, resources and environment as well as welfare and student services. Membership in English UK ensures that students are getting the top class education.


A centre using this marque is an authorised preparation and exam centre for the Cambridge ESOL Exams.


A centre using this marque is an authorised test centre for the TOEFL iBT Exam.

A centre using this marque is an authorised test centre for the TOEIC Exam.

Business English UK

Business English UK is a group of English language centres specialising in English for business and professional purposes. Each member undergoes regular inspections and is accredited by Accreditation UK and is a member of English UK. The membership in Business English UK guarantees that the centre offers the students excellent premises, highly qualified teachers, wide range of learning materials and the best possible service.

British Accreditation Council is an independent national body established in 1984 to accredit institutions providing private education for students over 16. BAC established specific criteria which include assessment of school's premises, health and safety, management and administration and student welfare. Accreditation by BAC is also recognised by the UK Border Agency. The marque BAC means that that the school is providing the highest standards of education.

The status awarded by the United Kingdom Border Agency to the organisations achieving the highest level of compliance required by the UKBA.

Quality English is a group of English language schools from all over the world offering exceptional level of education, a wide range of courses and excellent service. Each member-school is accredited by the national accreditation body as well as undergoes thorough review by the QE. The representatives of the QE regularly conduct research on its schools and make visits to meet with the staff, check the premises and infrastructure and get the students' feedback.

Each school presented by Education UK is accredited by Accreditation UK and regularly passes inspections by independent organisations checking the school's teaching standards, management, learning resources, students' welfare etc. The inspection is carried out every four year and the school is also required to submit an annual report. These procedures ensure that the school has the best quality education, teachers, facilities and student services.

UK School Awards

LTM awards winner 2010
Winner Chain school

Language Star Award is a prestigious award in the international education industry presented by Language Travel Magazine. The award acknowledges a supreme quality of education and the services provided to the international students.

US School Accreditations

Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training is an accrediting agency recognised by the U.S. Department of Education. ACCET was founded in 1974 to assess the quality of education and training by conducting thorough and independent evaluations of the institutions that provide English language courses. The ACCET representatives carry out visits to a service provider to assess its eligibility for accreditation in accordance with the following criteria: management, finances, curricula, instructional delivery and personnel, student services and evaluation. Accreditation by ACCET ensures that students receive high quality education in a top class environment.

NAFSA is the world's largest professional association in the field of international education and exchange. NAFSA serves international educators and their institutions and organizations by establishing principles of good practice, providing training and professional development opportunities, providing networking opportunities, and advocating for international education.

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages is a global association of teaching professionals, aiming at increasing the professional expertise in English language teaching and learning for non-English speaking teachers.
Teacher's training with TESOL achieve best results because high quality of educational and research materials are provided, the multiculturalism and multilingualism in teaching is recognised and accommodated, and professional approach in language education is practiced.

American Association of Intensive English Programs is a group of 300 providers of intensive English language programmes. All members are accredited by ACCET and guarantee the highest level of education. For English in the USA, an AAIEP language program is definitely the best option.

AAIEP fulfils an important role in Intensive English Programmes in US by promoting professional and ethical standards, communicating and upholding the importance of English language study, and championing continuous professional development among its members.

National English Language Teaching Accreditation Scheme is an independent non-profit organisation established in 1990 to ensure that English language teaching centres provide the premier quality education. To be accredited by NEAS, a centre undergoes rigorous review and assessment of its educational resources and equipment, management and administration, premises, staff, student services etc. The on-site assessments are carried out every 12-18 months that guarantees students are receiving excellent services and supreme level of education.

Australian School Accreditations

Australian Council for Private Education and Training is the national association of private providers of education and training for international students. In order to become a member of ACPET, the candidate is assessed on the basis of its teaching staff, financial standards, student services and marketing. The membership ensures that the language centre's staff is highly qualified and thoroughly selected, premises and classrooms are well equipped and students are getting appropriate advice and assistance.

English Australia is the national association for accredited public and private English language colleges in Australia. In order to accept a new member the representatives of the EA will conduct an on-site visit to the service provider to consider its premises, teaching staff, curriculum, resources and management. Being a member of EA guarantees the students receive the best possible education.

Canadian School Accreditations

Languages Canada is Canada's premier language organization representing its two official languages: English and French. To get an accreditation under LC, the rigorous assessment is conducted towards the school's teaching staff, curriculum, administration, student admissions etc. Language Canada marquee is widely recognised as a symbol of excellence, representing Canada as the number one destination for quality English and French language training.

Maltese School Accreditations

Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations Malta is a national association of English Language schools establishing national standards of service for its members. FELTOM Accreditation scheme covers the following areas: premises, teaching and learning, student welfare as well as advertising and promotion. If the school satisfies all the criteria it gets an accreditation lasting for 3 years, after which re-inspection is carried out. Schools under FELTOM accreditation provide exceptional service and high quality education.

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